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You dream of leading your own destination retreats ...
and making money while you do it.

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Live Events & Retreats are the BEST way to:  

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  • Build Know, Like + Trust" (#KLT)
  • Get New Clients
  • Build Your Authority  


With over 20 years of experience as an event planner and public relations executive in New York City, and more than 10 years as an iPEC certified coach, Elaine Wellman has launched and overseen countless entrepreneur events, destination retreats, boutique trade shows, speaker conferences, black-tie galas, store openings, receptions, and more.  

Elaine works closely with transformational leaders to bring their destination retreats and money-generating gatherings to life abroad and in the U.S.   She headed production for conferences and retreats for The Copywriter Club, Ali Brown, Julia Pimsleur/Million Dollar Women, Jenny Fenig Worldwide, among others.

And through her coaching programs, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to host their own events.

For clients in the entrepreneur, fashion, beauty, consumer tech, and other industries, she has managed private and public events at New York landmarks Central Park, The New York Times Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Rainbow Room, and The World Trade Center, as well as in Costa Rica, France, Mexico, and Monaco. 

As Elaine says, “I can plan an event with my eyes closed, yet through my coaching lens, I walk in with eyes open to provide next-level event and retreat management and coaching.” 

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