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You are AWESOME at what YOU do. 

And you need to conserve your ENERGY for what you do BEST ...


NOT worrying about the multitude of DETAILS that come with a live retreat. 

If you're an EXPERIENCED retreat or event leader, you know what I'm talking about!

If this is your FIRST live retreat or event, you don't know what you don't know ... and that can be COSTLY.  

That's where I come in!

With 15 years of experience as an event planner in New York City, I can manage live events with my eyes closed

As a certified coach myself, I manage retreats and events with my eyes wide open ...

Holding SPACE for YOU while you hold space for your clients ...

And SEEING what's happening in the room (like emotional breakdowns, breakthroughs, resistance ....) that even you may miss because you can't know everything each attendee is experiencing while you're leading an entire group.

And of course, handling all those pesky DETAILS that come along with live events. 

If you are ready to host the reteat or event of a lifetime for your tribe but dreading the planning, pricing promoting and/or marketing, let us do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best ... CHANGING LIVES! 

There are a few ways I can support you and I'll know what's best for you once you apply for a Retreat-Event Relief Call. 


How I Can Help YOU Create an Unforgettable & Profitable

Venue Options

The perfect venue is KEY to a successful retreat or event. I work with numerous retreat centers and venues in Costa Rica, Tulum Mexico, New York, NY and elsewhere. If you have another locale in mind, we can discuss a done-for-you package.


Details, details, details! Travel arrangements, menus, agenda, schedule, liaison with the venue and attendees, insurance ... and more! I've got you covered! 

Retreat-Event Pricing

What's the magic pricing formula for your retreat-event to ensure it fills up ... and you make a profit from the retreat itself, or from your upsell offer? Yeah, we'll cover that! 

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Promoting & Filling Your Retreat-Event

OK, you've got the venue and your awesome concept ... how the heck do you GET YOUR IDEAL PEOPLE THERE? I've got the plan you need to create an unforgettable and profitable retreat-event. 

Agenda & Content

Do you have ENOUGH material? Too much? How should your content and teachings flow during the retreat? Let's nail down a rock solid agenda your people will love! 

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Real Results

"I couldn't imagine serving my clients without Elaine by my side serving me."

"What can I say about work with Elaine for my retreats and events? Basically, I couldn't imagine serving my client without her by my side serving me. Holding sacred space at a retreat is just that sacred. This is not something you want to cheap out on or leave to chance. You can't do this work alone. Too much is at stake. You know that.

When you hire Elaine, you can rest assured that she's got everything handled: from working with the venue, to helping you create the agenda to managing attendees' needs onsite, to ensure you are operating in your zone of genius. It's pure magic.

I'm excited for you to bring Elaine onto your team for a retreat or event that will change the course of your business ... and your attendees' lives forever."

~ Jenny Fenig, Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Founder, Get Gutsy Coach Training School,

"Elaine is definitely my go-to person for retreats and events."

"It was a pleasure to experience Elaine's genius of event planning and support during a full-week retreat in Costa Rica. Her attention to detail and compassionate care for all who attended made the experience top notch. Elaine has the unique ability to hold space for everyone in the room, allowing the host and attendees to be fully present knowing that all bases are covered. That in itself is worth it's weight in gold.

Elaine is definitely your go-to person if you're looking for someone who can not only assist you with the details of planning your next retreat, but also provide the hands-on support you need during the event so you can focus on your own zone of genius. I've already contracted her to manage my 2018 retreat."  

~Christine Dyan, Body Empowerment Coach,

"Elaine filled in the logistical, emotional and sacred space during the retreat so our retreat leader could stay in her zone of genius and do what she does best." 

"Elaine filled in the logistical, emotional and sacred space during the retreat so our retreat leader could stay in her zone of genius and do what she does best. Elaine was a kind listener, a resourceful, compassionate helper, and a loving, nurturing presence throughout the retreat experience. I felt supported and safe knowing that she was there. I could literally feel the energetic support and that is priceless.

She stayed ahead of the game with all sorts of details and a few fun surprises. I was amazed at how easily it all seemed to flow. Elaine was essential in making such a transformative process and travel experience seamless. I highly recommend her." 

~Casey Shaw, Conscious Living Coach + Yogi,

Let's Team Up to Ensure YOU have a Profitable, Stress-Free
Retreat or Event!

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